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Although the Oppo F1s was released in August of this year, it came with Android Lollipop out of the box. Lollipop was released before 2015’s Marshmallow so that’s quite an old mobile operating system on a phone released the same year as Nougat.

But the question is: will the F1s be getting an Android 7.0 update? The best way to know is to wait from Oppo to say so. However, the company hasn’t made any announcements. They did release a new model called the Oppo R9s in October of this year that sported the Marshmallow OS but still no word if it’s getting a Nougat update.

There are a number of reasons a smartphone won’t be getting a Nougat update but one of the major culprits is compatibility. Apps pretty much are the essence of mobile devices these days and they need to run on a targeted platform. For instance, a device running on Android 7.0 needs an app that can actually run on said platform. Then there are some factors like APIs that perform better with certain hardware. So if a piece of hardware doesn’t support a certain API then clearly it won’t be able to support a certain mobile OS as well.

This is where the Oppo F1s stands: it runs on a Mediatek MT6750 chipset which isn’t on a list of processors that Nougat supports. So to answer the question that served as the title for this post: it doesn’t look like the F1s is going to get a Nougat update but we can all wait and see.

The F1s is clearly a good phone given its price and could compete with other mid-range smartphones like the Galaxy J7 Prime of Samsung. In fact, with its 16MP front-facing camera, it could very well compete with the biggest names in the smartphone industry in wooing selfie takers.