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Anyone that has been using a smartphone in the last couple of years surely has at least heard of WhatsApp. The popularity of the app is backed up by the over 1 billion users that connect with friends and family through the Facebook-owned communications app. To ensure that what ends up in the hands of a billion consumers is competent, WhatsApp developers’ first work on the Beta version of the app. As the name suggests, the Beta version is intended for Beta testing. Once that version is approved, it is shipped over to live so all the user base can enjoy the newest features and updates. A pertinent example would be the newly introduced video call capability, which was extensively tested on the Beta servers before reaching the live community just recently.

The newest WhatsApp Beta build is 2.16.367, and it unfortunately doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table. While fans that had been waiting for new awesome features to test out might be disappointed,  there are some bug fixes that only make the app of a superior quality overall.

There might be nothing flashy about it, but Beta testers must make sure that the build works as intended. This is also something that could be considered preparation in the long run for another important feature as was the case with video calling, or more recently, video streaming directly from the app. If developers and Beta testers work together to ensure that the newest build is as bug-free as possible, the road will be paved for the arrival of the next great feature, which won’t be hindered by minor inconveniences that prove to be major nuisances.

Those interested in getting the latest builds ahead of time, which may or may not include a cool new feature, can enroll in WhatsApp’s Beta testing program, which will provide them with the Beta build.