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A more contemporary and funky version of the Temple Run, Subway Surfers is another endless running mobile game app that was developed by SYBO Games, and co-developed by Kiloo. Since its release in 2012, the game’s popularity shot up and never came back down. But what are the odds of that happening soon if the next installment won’t surface?

With the way things are going, however, Subway Surfers 2 could be far from happening.

There has been rumors of a potential installment in the works, there are claims that game developers are looking into creating a new game. In all likelihood, the franchise would be given a major overhaul, particularly with its gameplay and graphics.

New features are also said to be added, with some obstacles related to the urban setting. There are also fan suggestions about criminal activities or festival parades that will serve as obstacles.

To date, game developers Kiloo and SYBO Games haven’t dropped hints or even made vague announcements about Subway Surfers 2. Silence about the new game is quite deafening. Good thing the game has a loyal fan base that is willing to wait for the next saga of Subway Surfers.

Well, who can blame them? After all, the game provided some of the best forms of entertainment and gameplay. Although the game concept is not exactly original, the fact that it is fun to play, combined with simple controls and amazing cartoon graphics, keep players glued to their mobile phones.

Subway Surfers is about endless running, while avoiding obstacles along the way, and picking up coins that come your way. An attractive feature of Subway Surfers is the ability to challenge some of your Facebook friends in a bid to earn more coins. If you ever get bored competing against a computer, you can also play against your friends on Facebook.

Suffice to say that Subway Surfers contributed to the increasing number of downloaded games and apps.