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Sales this time of the year aren’t unexpected as everyone is caught up in the Black Friday madness. However, it’s far less usual to see Nintendo offer their video game titles at such discount rates. While console sales aren’t anything out of the ordinary for the Mario and Pokemon console manufacturer, games weren’t really registered at discounts like these before. This might be Nintendo’s way of providing some of its titles to gamers that haven’t gotten a chance to buy them at full price, in anticipation of the upcoming Nintendo Switch console which is sure to put a stomp into 3DS and Wii U sales overall.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what Nintendo is actually offering. As specified before, Nintendo is offering sales on video games pertaining to two platforms: the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

The Wii U consumers can pick up games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $10, which is a pretty good deal. Also, the Darksiders sequel, Darksiders 2, can be bought for the same amount. Big names aren’t the only thing on the discount menu, as players can also get games like Terraria, games from the Lego Star Wars series or Twilight Princess HD or Meat Boy.

On the 3DS side, we have Hyrule Warriors Legends for only $28. If you wanted to try it out but weren’t so sure about paying the full amount, now’s your chance to snatch it for a reduced price tag. There are also $20 and $23 price tags for Fire Emblem Awakening and Monster Hunter Generations respectively, rounding up the list of 3DS titles which can be bought at a discount.

My Nintendo members will accumulate gold points throughout the sale. Anyone interested in getting any of the mentioned games can do so up until next month, as the sale  will go strong,  stopping only on the 5th of December.