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Everybody knows that Rockstar Games used up all the source code in the game and they are basically forced to create new content if they still want people to keep on playing their game and not lose interest. It’s been almost two months since the latest Bikers update was rolled out for GTA Online and players are getting enthusiastic about a new upcoming DLC.

Although Rockstar is keeping their mouths shut and not revealing new information regarding the theme of the upcoming DLC, they left us with a few hints in their Newswire post from September. The game developer stated that they are considering if they should create a high risk high reward vehicle based ventures. This suggests that Rockstar might implement some type of import/export business. If the game developer does actually decide to add a business aspect to the game this will surely give players something to grind for.

The new GTA DLC is expected to drop during December since it’s the Christmas period and this might increase the sales percentages of their DLC. As December gets closer we can also expect Rockstar to give us additional details and about the official release date for the DLC since the developers rarely keep DLC as secrets. The only times Rockstar surprised its players with unannounced DLCs were with the “I’m Not a Hipster” update and the January 2016 update. Another reason that convinces us to think that the DLC will be released in December is because every year Rockstar manages to launch a major DLC in December and they will surely keep their tradition alive.

On another note, Rockstar is constantly updating the QA beta files and the latest added file is the qabeta2 which might be the proof that they are indeed working on a new DLC. The GTA community is expecting Rockstar to release screenshots and news of the new DLC in the upcoming weeks.