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Today we will compare the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, two popular web browsers that come with many features and options. In this comparison we will try to give you an idea about which one of these two browsers can protect you better against internet threats.

First of all, we will talk about phishing websites, as they are more and more popular nowadays. According to reports, Microsoft Edge has successfully blocked phishing websites in the past. In fact, it did that way faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

According to some benchmark tests, Microsoft Edge is doing a better job in detecting malware than Google Chrome. We have to agree that Microsoft Edge is not as popular as Google Chrome, but it still proves that it is a more secure option than other web browsers.

According to some tests performed by NSS Labs, Microsoft Edge was able to detect almost all malicious downloads, while Google Chrome has detected about 85% of those threats. The testers claim that Microsoft Edge has a better security mostly because in the past, Microsoft has developed many security technologies such as URL Filtering or SmartScreen Application Reputation.

However, even if these results clearly show that Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome, there are still more people who are using the browser developed by the big search engine company.

But, let’s not forget that the Microsoft Edge browser is available only for the devices that run on Windows 10 OS and this could be one of the reasons why this browser is not as popular as Google Chrome.

So, if you own a computer that runs on Windows 10 OS, we suggest you to give Microsoft Edge a try, as we can assure you that you will be well protected against malware threats while using this web browser.