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Crackdown is the game series developed by Microsoft, which has struck a sensitive cord with early Xbox players. The first two installments of the franchise have been met with positive feedback, so it is understandable how the announcement of Crackdown 3 might have created some hype in the Xbox community. This happened back in 2014 however, with the game still not released.

During E3 2014, Microsoft announced Crackdown 3, making the game’s existence public for the first time. The release didn’t follow suite, with Crackdown 3 remaining in the shadows until a year later when the Xbox title was once again brought up during E3. E3 2015 hasn’t been any kinder either, with the developers only being able to sample some early footage with promises of a future release.

By now you probably caught up to the outcome, as Crackdown 3 still hasn’t been released, two years after it was first introduced to the fans. This led to quite some disappointment among the enthusiastic famers in the Xbox camp, but there are new reasons to hope.

A user on twitter asked Phil Spencer if he could, without divulging any classified information, tell the eager community whether or not the third iteration in the Crackdown series is still alive or if it has been completely scrapped. The Xbox official responded with a tweet of his own, confirming that a new Crackdown game is still under development, and that he had just seen a build for the game “the other day”. He went on to mention that you could tell it was a Crackdown game from seeing just one frame, meaning that the new game has preserved the Crackdown look.

It will be interesting to see how similar Crackdown 3 will be to the first 2 games but fans must wait a little longer as there are no clues leading up to a possible 2016 release. With 2017 in our sights, it is far more likely that Microsoft would aim for a 2017 release of the long awaited sequel.