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It has been a year since Google launched its first tablet that runs on Marshmallow OS. While there had been good reviews about the device when it was made last year like it was a worthy replacement for the iPad, there have also been criticisms on the hybrid tablet, two of which are its weight and the landscape mode required in operating the tablet, exactly the opposite of Android phones.

But with the promise that the Nougat update is coming to the Pixel C, things might be going well for this Google tablet. Moreover, the Pixel C has a feature that Android phones do not have yet. This feature allows the user to grab a screenshot and crop the image. This, however, requires a keyboard that can be connected to the tablet but does not come with the package.

Considered to be the perfect keyboard partner compared to the other Android tablets released last year, including the Sony Xperia, the Pixel C, being an Android can only use one app at a time. It also has the split screen mode which some users were not fans of. They said that the device and the hardware it has was not a perfect match.

While it is designed with four microphones, it does not support the “always on” Google voice commands when it was launched. Now that the Android N or Nougat 7.0 OS update is here, it is exciting to know the improvements.

There were also problems in the earlier Pixel C tablets sold after the launch. Problems in the connections were reported as well as random rebooting after security updates. Also, despite the OTAs that have come up, rebooting issues did not stop and that the solution to the problem was hardware replacement.

Despite these reports, the Pixel C boasts of a speedy performance. It also has other features, including an aluminum design that looks durable and solid. While it is not really that powerful to substitute a laptop, it is capable of video streaming and can be used for games and social media.

Perhaps, a Nougat upgrade can answer the question on the competitiveness of the Pixel C a year after it was launched.