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Android Nougat is the newest iteration of Google’s operating system, meaning that it’s the new kid on the block and everyone wants to be his friend. You can’t blame them however, as Android Nougat has proven to bring great new additions to the Android experience.

The people behind the Honor 8 smartphone are now looking to start beta tests for the device and the EMUI 5.0 Android-based custom skin. Smartphone enthusiasts could previously see EMUI 5.0 on the Huawei Mate 9, which was the first handset to feature it. Honor has started a collaboration with XDA that would enable the former to find beta testers for EMUI 5.0. XDA was tasked with recruiting people willing to test the new EMUI version on the Honor 8 during its beta phase.

There are noticeable improvements when comparing the device using Android Nougat and the predecessor. Some of the changes include a slimmer Quick Toggle menu, featuring only 6 elements, making the interface more pleasant for the eye.

The menu colors have also been replaced, bringing in a more lively combination of white and blue, replacing the old, dull looking combo. There are also tweaks in the performance sector, and overall improvements brought to the user interface that boosts the overall user experience by quite a bit. An official release date for the update has not been disclosed as of yet, but taking into consideration the fact that it’s in the beta stages, we might have to wait a bit longer before actually getting it.