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According to researchers, more and more mobile phone users prefer to buy unlocked devices, because they don’t want to be stuck with an expensive two-year contract, while new deals appear in the meantime, offering unlimited data at a lower price. So, an unlocked smartphone would allow the owner to switch to another carrier, and this time of the year, many big names in the cell phone industry are lowering the prices for their flagships, in order to clear stocks. And below, we’ll tell you about the best Black Friday deals for (some of the greatest) unlocked smartphones.

Honor 8

From November 25 to 28, Honor USA will sell this device at a $100 discount, but it seems that Newegg has come up with a better deal. Until November 29, the 32 GB Honor 8 will cost $289, down from $400, while the 64GB variant will be priced at $339 (down from $450), but customers will also receive a $25 gift card, a selfie stick, a free case, as well as other small gifts.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This flagship doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a premium device with a dual-edge curved QHD display, it has glass on both sides and it uses Dual Pixel tech to continuously focus while capturing video. The Onyx Black version will be sold by Expansys for $559, down from $680 (retail price), while Newegg will sell it for $599, but it will also include $80 worth of gifts, such as a Samsung activity tracker. You should hurry up, because this offer will end on November 26.


If you’re curious how a modular smartphone “feels” like, then we recommend you the G5 with a 5.3-inch QHD display and a dual camera. Newegg offers a spare battery, charging cradle and an LG Cam module and you’ll spend only $399 for an LG G5, down from $649, but this deal will end on November 25.

HTC 10

The Taiwanese company is selling the unlocked HTC 10 on its website and you’ll be able to purchase it for $500 (down from $699). The same price is offered by HTC USA and this deal will expire on November 29.