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Tech consumers have had the opportunity to get a good look at the newest smart device coming from Samsung, namely the Samsung Gear S3. The device is actually a smartwatch and tries to build on its predecessor, the S2. In this article, we shall check out both watches and see what differentiates the Samsung Gear S3 from the S2, and why is it worth upgrading if you already own the previous model.


Although similarities are obvious between the two models, the Gear S3 sports a look of its own, and does it with style. Right from the start we can see that for the Gear S3, Samsung has ditched the rubber wristband and went with a more stylish leather one. The sportier vibe of the S2 has also been replaced with a simpler aspect that better tangos with the leather wristband.


The Samsung Gear S3 features its own antenna which makes it so the device doesn’t require a smartphone to connect to, and weighs 2.2 ounces thus making it heavier than the S2.

When it comes to the screen, both devices come with the same AMOLED technology incorporated for the display, and also the same 360×360 resolution. The screens aren’t the same in size however, with the Gear S3 coming in leading position thanks to its 1.3 inch display. The S2 places second only by the slightest margin, with a display size of 1.2 inches.

The Samsung Gear S3 scores all across the board, with better RAM and better battery life when compared to the S2. With 50% increase stats for these categories, the newer model is without discussion an overall improvement coming for Samsung’s line of smartwatch devices which is a top contender in the branch.