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Galaxy S7/S7 edge users who take part in Samsung’s Galaxy Beta Program have just received a new Android Nougat beta which brings minor changes. This is the third beta of the upcoming software which currently rolls out in the UK. Soon, it will be available for the rest of beta testers and if things will go as planned, maybe next month Samsung will release the final form of Nougat for the two flagships.

The software rolls out under the G935FXXU1ZPKK build name and it comes with new features and changes. For example, the layout of the Quick Panel toggles can be changed, and you have three choices of grids: 3×3, 4×3, and 5×3. In addition, you can choose to either let the brightness slider appear at the very top of your toggles or to tuck it inside the expanded Quick Toggles view, if you prefer a minimalist interface. Other changes spotted to this third beta were made to the status bar icon, clock and spacing.

Samsung has also canceled the Edge feed panel for its Galaxy S7 edge, and it is believed that it will make a comeback or the developers will find a better alternative. Some users have reported that this build comes with some issues, and one of them is related to the screen, which doesn’t light up immediately after the phone is awakened. A daily driver is not going to like this problem which, hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Other users have complained about an intermittent Wi-Fi disconnection.

Users enrolled in the Galaxy Beta Program in the United Kingdom, should receive the update in the coming days. Their devices will automatically receive a notification of the update which has 300MB in size, but if they won’t receive the notification, users will head to Settings > Software Update and download it manually.