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The new Pokemon Sun and Moon edition is getting closer to its launch date and the question that’s in everyone’s mind is who the best starting Pokemon is and if they should either join team Litten, Popplio or Rowlet? We are going to clear that up right and now and help you choose the right team, but remember that it’s all up to you to choose the one that fits your style the most.

Team Litten

Litten is a Fire Cat Pokemon that attacks its opponents with fireballs made from its fur. Litten’s fur is highly flammable and the Pokemon uses it to create fireballs by grooming itself, gathering the fur in its mouth and then throwing it towards its opponents. Another cool move that Litten has is that when the time to melt comes the Pokemon fires up all of its fur to create one big fire that can easily hurt all enemy Pokemon.

Team Rowlett

The Grass Quill Pokemon Rowlet is capable of flying through the clouds and attacking enemies without being seen giving him a big advance. Rowlet uses powerful kicks while in close range combat and throws razor sharp leaves that are found in his feathers as a long range attack move. Rowlett can turn its head 180 degrees and that helps him see behind his back. Whenever he is battling he will keep his head turned towards the trainer to see what instruction he is giving.

Team Popplio

Popplio is an acrobatic Sea Lion type Pokemon that is very agile while swimming. The Pokemon attacks his enemies using air balloons made from water using his nose and acrobatic skills. Popplio is one of the fastest aquatic Pokemon, swimming at speeds of over 25 miles per hour. The Pokemon can also be used on land because it can create elasticity balloons that allow it to perform jumps and acrobatic moves.

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