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Many rumors regarding GTA 6 have surfaced all over the internet, but it seems that the earlier rumors which were suggesting that this game will be released sometime in 2018 were just hoaxes.

GTA 6 Release Date To Be Pushed To 2020

The GTA 6 is most likely already in the works, but Rockstar is currently improving the GTA 5, which is still generating a good amount of money. It is good to know that Rockstar has spent about $265 million to develop the GTA 5, which makes it one of the most expensive games ever created. If earlier rumors about VR support for GTA 6 will prove to be true, the developing of this upcoming game will surely exceed $265 million.

However, let’s not forget that once the GTA 5 has been released, it generated $800 within 24 hours. Since there are more and more GTA fans nowadays, there are high chances that the GTA 6 will generate more than $800 million in 24 hours after it will be released.

Unfortunately, the GTA fans will still need to wait a good amount of time, as according to rumors, the game will not hit the stores before 2020. Let’s not forget that sometime in 2020 is expected to be released the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5. In fact, some earlier rumors have suggested that the GTA 6 will be one of the first games that will be released for those upcoming consoles.

It is good to know that Rockstar has announced the “Red Dead Redemption 2” game, which is expected sometime in Q3/Q4 of 2017. In other words, the developing company is now busy with two big titles (GTA 5 and RDR2) and there are very low changes that the development of the GTA 6 will go as fast as many of us expected.