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If you usually purchase games from the Google Play Store, then there are high chances that now you will be asked to rate a game based on different aspects. So, instead of just leaving a single rating that covers every part of a game, some users will now be able to finally properly rate a game.

So, if a game has awesome graphics and controls, but the gameplay is awful, you will now be able to give a high rate for the first two and put a poor rate for the latter. This will surely help future gamers of a title, but at the same time the developers will notice what they need to improve in their gamers.

The old rating system was not good at all, because many gamers have decided to purchase a game because it had a high rating score. After those players have purchased that particular game, they’ve noticed that the graphics are very bad or that the controls or the gameplay are not that good either.

Well, now thanks to the new rating, you will be able to find that a game has a very good gameplay while the graphics are not that great directly from the rating score. This way, you will know if you want to sacrifice graphics in favor of gameplay. It is good to know that there are many pretentious gamers out there who will never play a game if it doesn’t have an overall high rate, which means that this new rating system will surely please them.

As expected, the players are now asked to leave a score between 1 and 5 (1=poor 5=very good) for: graphics, gameplay and controls. There are high chances that we will see more groups being added to the rating systems sometime in the near future.