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There are three names that routinely come up when discussing mobile phone operating systems – Google, Apple and Microsoft. And, each one recently released a new operating software that’s sure to take the world by storm, making people question which software is better than the other.  Here’s a look at the following three OS:

  • Android Nougat
  • iOS 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary

A Look At The Android Nougat

Android is still popular because of the vast amount of Android phones on the market and being used. Google is always looking for ways to make it hard for rivals to surpass it. And, the latest difficult task for rivals to compete against is the Android 7.0 Nougat or Android N for short.

It was released Aug. 22 and has even better features than people saw with the Marshmallow. It sports multi-window and split-screen multitasking modes. It comes with Android Instant Apps, which allows people to use an app without actually installing it and deleting it. It comes with the Doze feature so that it saves the device’s battery life. It offers new notifications and quick settings menu features too.

Android N has two more noteworthy features that should be mentioned:

  • New icon shortcuts (similar to what users of the iOS see)
  • Integration of Google Assistant and Allo (the company’s stand-alone messaging app)

When it comes to notifications, Google sports a new font and bigger space to occupy the screen. Notifications are bundled together, just like users see with the iOS software.

A Look At iOS 10

iPhones are well-known for having clear pictures due to its camera. However, iOS 10 makes it easier for users to manage the pictures. Pictures can now be grouped by faces and a slideshow can be created (this is a feature that Google Photos had already been offering).

Apple’s Siri is still usable, but now applicable to third-party apps as well. iOS 10 has many improvements to its messaging system. Message threads now offer icons and animations like handwritten messages, so there’s a personal touch.

The interface of iOS 10 is similar to what was seen in iOS 9, but with one difference – the company bettered the 3D Touch feature. This lets users gain access to important functions without opening apps, but using widgets.

A Look At Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

There are some features people already look for with this version such as the Windows Hello authentication, Cortana and a new look for the Windows Store. It also includes voice-assistant communications even from a locked screen. You can even see app notifications on the Lock-Screen.

OS also supports both live tiles and folders – something not seen in the Android N. For some folks, this is a confusing feature. There are two main screens compared to Android N’s multiple screens.

Windows 10 includes new emojis, apps such as screen sketch that let you write notes on screenshots and a Windows Ink feature, which is thought to be stylus and pen friendly.

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