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Users of the popular social, instant messaging app for smart devices are always happy to receive new features. The time to rejoice has come again, this time with a new video related feature. With a lot of features lacking from the application, fans have been asking for various implementations that would raise the overall user experience by quite a bit. WhatsApp delivered on multiple occasions in the past, most recently with a new video calling feature that was highly requested. The feature allowed users to video call their friends just like one would initiate FaceTime on an iOS device.

The video feature that WhatsApp brings to the table this time is the ability to stream videos on WhatsApp as they’re downloading. What this means is that you will no longer be required to wait until a video is fully downloaded into your device before being able to access and enjoy it. With the new update, videos will feature the option of being streamed. This new addition will behave differently depending on whether or not you have your version of WhatsApp set to automatically download video content as soon as messages contain video files are received.

If the answer is yes, then you will be able to start playing the video as soon as you receive the message, while a progress bar underneath it will show you how far towards completion the download is. Once the download is finished, the progress bar will be replaced with the more traditional video player bar which users can utilize to skip ahead or rewind.

If you don’t have automatic downloads turned on, you will have a separate download on the left side of the screen. The video won’t start downloading until you press the download button, but the video can still be streamed as soon as you press the play button right next to the video.

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