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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is slated to receive the official Android 7.1 Nougat update, but that won’t happen for possibly for another several months. In other words, it looks like Galaxy S7 Edge users will have to wait until some point in 2017 to actually get their hands on the update. It is understandable how that might not be very pleasing, so we are presenting eager S7 Edge owners with an alternative.

A new firmware for the newest version of Google’s operating system, this time Android 7.1.1 Nougat has been made available, and it’s for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The update includes a combination of features from two handsets, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Google Pixel. Google Pixel was the first smartphone to have Android 7.1, because it was the software version it came out with. The device is also a sort of cousin of the Nexus smartphone line from Google, in the sense that the Pixel also comes with pure Android, with no additional brand skin or bloatware. This is features that the developers of this new 7.1.1 update for the S7 Edge have deemed worth including into their own firmware, so the unofficial 7.1.1 software includes pure Android features and aesthetic elements, as well as a major decrease in bloatware when compared with the original.

Users that can’t wait any longer for the official release of 7.1.1 for the Galaxy S7 Edge can try this new firmware called the N7 Pixel. Before doing so, you should know that installing a new ROM will delete all your phone’s data, so make sure you back up everything important. Also, a custom ROM installation also means you no longer benefit from the smartphone’s warrantee. Last but certainly not least, make sure your phone is charged and is a supported model for the ROM.  If your phone dies during installation, it can become more stressful than it needs to be, but if you install an unsupported custom ROM, your phone could be forever damaged.