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Java is a software platform that allows interactive internet experience, such as, playing online games, communicating with others worldwide through chats, viewing 3D images and creating apps. It was developed by Oracle Corporation and was first launched in 1995.

With updates usually happening every two years, users can now download Java 8.0 and this is the only free version offered by Oracle and since its release, there have been 22 updates, the latest of these are the two updates released in October 18, 2016.

These are Java 8u111 and Java 8u112. The first update was more concentrated on bug fixes and security issues while the second one is a patch-set update that includes all or 8u111 with new features.

The 8u112 update release notes include a Java Runtime Environment expiration date that means that there will be another set-patch update when the security vulnerability fixes become available. The next update is expected to be released on January 17, 2017. However, for systems that will not be able to reach Oracle Servers will have the JRE expiration a month after.

Some of the bugs fixed by the update include issues such as GraphicsDevice.getConfigurations() becoming slow, error in glyph displayed from derived font, Uninitialised memory in WinAccessBridge.cpp:1128,  Personalized Windows Font Size not recognizedin Java 8u102 and wrong values read from comboboxes. All in all, there were 139 bug fixes.

Meanwhile there are rumors that Java 9 will be released in July 2017. It can be recalled that at JavaOne 2011, Oracle had already mentioned the features they wanted to include in Java 9. These features include better native code integration, self-tuning JVM and enhanced support for multi-gigabyte heaps. This version update was supposedly scheduled for 2016. However, earlier this year, they announced that the release was moved to March next year and then moved again to another four months.

While everyone is waiting for the next Java SE update, users are recommended to update to the latest free Java version to make the most of their internet experience.

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