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The popular game created by Mojang  and acquired by Microsoft is improving on the console experience delivered to worldwide fans. A new update has been announced, and is set to feature game changing additions to the Minecraft experience, which fans have been asking for.

A lot of new content will be available for those who get the update, including the addition of content pertaining to The End. Ender cities will now be available, as well as a variety of mobs and materials that have been deemed more or less unusual. There is also a glider called Elytra which allows players to navigate through the skies and gain a brand new perspective when inspecting different structures. This glider doesn’t come for free, however. In order to obtain the glider, players must be among those who achieved the feat of completing all the challenges.

The End will also provide console gamers with the opportunity of harvesting new materials such as purpur blocks and a selection of Chorus flora (Chorus flowers, Chorus plants). These will not only bring more diversity to the game in terms of obtainable elements, but also when it comes to how players can build and decorate their constructions, as each Minecraft player thrives to come up with unique constructions.

Players that like fiddling with potions will now a new list of craftable potions, with the help of a new reagent that is core to those particular newly introduced recipes. The new potions will require the use of the breath of the Ender Dragon. Players must harvest it in order to gain access to the new alchemical recipes.

With the new bulky update for consoles, Microsoft will be considerably closing the gap between platform versions, as the console players have been made to feel of a lower priority since there were large amounts of features on the PC version that they never benefited form.

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