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In the gaming community there are select titles that will immediately stir up emotions in the heart of most. Mass Effect is one of those franchises. The iconic space-action-rpg title has garnered the love of many due to its enticing plot and gameplay, as well as rewarding choice system. The time has come for another installment in the Mass Effect family. The newest game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is slated for a March 2017 release. The game is prepared to launch in three different versions, and depending on which version you choose to get, you will be awarded additional goodies. Let’s take a look at the available options and see what gamers can get their hands on.


The standard edition of the game is represented by the game and pretty much nothing else. For the smallest price tag, $60, space adventurers will be able to experience the basic version of Mass Effect 4. However, if the standard edition is pre-ordered, you will get the pre-order bonus which consists of multiple items.  Pre-orders are accompanied by 5 boosters for 50% increased XP, which can be used in the game’s multiplayer mode, a bonus armor for your character (Deep Space Explorer), and a skin for your in-game ship. It is worth noting that all game variants will receive this pre-order bonus, and is not exclusive to the standard version.

Deluxe Edition

For just $10 more, players can get the Deluxe game option which includes a bonus outfit (Pathfinder Casual), the Scavenger armor, and a bonus weapon set (Pathfinder Elite). Deluxe customers will also be rewarded with an in-game pet called the Pyjack, which is the space version of a monkey. Last but not least, they will receive addition gear and weapons for co-op missions and the official soundtrack of the game in digital format.

Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe experience for Mass Effect: Andromeda only differentiates from the other options by including a weekly premium pack for co-op, for 20 weeks. All the bonus content from the Deluxe edition is also included in the Super Deluxe edition. The whole package will cost you $100.