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The first ever AI home assistant was Amazon’s Echo and it was launched two years ago and it brought Amazon a huge deal of profits. Amazon had to acquire a bunch of new companies in order to develop the new Alexa AI assistant, and in the end it was worth all the hassle since the device was successful. Amazon’s Echo uses Amazon cloud, machine learning and voice processing abilities that were designed by the companies IVONA, Yap and Evi.

Amazon has made three variants of their assistants available, the Amazon Echo at $179, Amazon Echo Dot at $49 and Amazon Echo Tap at $129. The Amazon Echo is the best one of them, using the Alexa AI and a very good set of speakers while the Amazon Tap is a wireless version that can be moved around the house, the only down side is that it has to be “woken up” by pressing a button, unlike the Amazon Echo who listens all the time for vocal commands. The last variant is the Amazon Echo Dot and it’s the cheapest of them all, featuring only a standard speaker and a 3.5mm port.

Seeing the success Amazon had with their Alexa AI, Google decided to release their new home assistant on October 16th that used their own Google Assistant which can be found in Google’s Pixel devices as well. The Google Home can be purchased for the price of $129.


Asking the home assistant to play a track for you is the most popular way of using it, and because of that both companies have added a bunch of free and paid music services to their gadgets. The Amazon Echo features the following music services: Pandora, Amazon Music Unlimited, Audible, Amazon Music and more while on the other hand Google Home supports: Google Music, YouTube, Tunein, Pandora and Spotify. Google wins this round because it has YouTube music and YouTube has almost all the songs in the world uploaded on it, and it’s also free.

The Best AI

Google’s Assistants responds faster and better to all questions, while Alexa has problems comprehending what you are asking it to do. What the Google Assistant excels in is that it keeps remembers what you asked it before and it gives you the feel of a conversations, for example if you ask Google Home how tall is the Empire State building it will remember that, and then if you ask it now how big is the Empire State building in comparison with another building Google Home will give you a size comparison.

Which one is worth your money?

Even though the Amazon Echo performs very well, Google Home exceeds all expectations and its Google Assistant is far superior to Amazon’s Alexa. Google Home is also cheaper and it presents a cooler design, but what’s most important is that it gives its owner the feel that he’s having a conversation with the device.