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Chrome is one of the best apps you can have on the Android device, with an array of features that are easy to use and fast. It’s quickly become the go-to app for when people browse the Internet.

Chrome also goes through a vast array of changes, either for security reasons or interface ones. Android users are made aware of when these updates available so they can download and install the latest version.

Google recently introduced two new features to Chrome for the Android devices. For instance, users can save data they view through the Chrome browser. Mobile data is precious, which is why people don’t want to waste it. However, with longer commutes, people tend to browse the Internet to pass the time. And, this means wasted data that could have been dedicated to useful browsing.

With the newest Android Chrome update, users have the ability to save their data to browse the Internet for fun or information. It applies to offline times as well.

Google can offer this feature thanks to its Data Saver technology for videos. It’s enabled users to save around 67 percent of their data when watching MP4 format videos using Chrome. The technology can automatically optimize websites via the HTTP protocol should users be on a slower connection speed. This has saved them nearly 90 percent of their data.

The newest Chrome version gives users the ability to download pictures, music, videos and more for viewing in the future. Developers are working on updates that would suggest content to users based on previous viewings.

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