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Diablo is one of those grinding games that anyone who ever played it, will not forget. While the first version of the game was not so popular, Diablo 2 has brought big revenues to Blizzard. Unfortunately, Diablo 3 didn’t have the best launch, as the game had all sorts of issues and most of the fans have refused to play it and went back to the good old Diablo 2.

However, Blizzard has kept improving its Diablo 3 and, slowly, fans have tried the game once again. Some of them are still playing the game even if it was released 4 years ago, while others have just switched to other games such as “Path of Exile”. In fact, there are Diablo fans, which claim that “Path of Exile” is even better than the successful Diablo 2.

We remind you that Diablo 3 was also the first game from the series that was released to consoles, and this was one of the reasons why the sales of the game went well after all.

As 20 years have passed since the first Diablo game has been released, most of the fans have expected a Diablo 4 announcement. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, because, apparently, Blizzard has other plans. The developing company has announced that it will bring a new class to the game, one that was available in Diablo 2. This class is named Necromancer and it will be released as a DLC pack.

It seems that the PC players will need to own the Diablo 3 and the Reapers of Souls expansion in order to be able to purchase this new DLC, while the console players will need to own the Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition. Along with the new Necromancer class, this new DLC will add two additional stash tabs (on PC), a banner, a banner sigil, a portrait frame and a pennant.

Diablo fans were quite disappointed, but most of them think that the developing company will also make an announcement regarding the Diablo 4, as it is impossible for the company to come with a DLC like this in 4 years after the release of a game. We think that if Blizzard will not release a Diablo 4 game in 2017 it will lose a good amount of fans.