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Clash of Clans just launched a new trailer that teases the virtual reality content of the game. The trailer gives us a taste of what’s to come by showing the battle through the eyes of a Hog Rider. The update is expected to roll out any day now and the new VR feature will give the game another perspective and fans are hyped up about this upcoming update.

The 360 degree trailer has the Clash of Clans community closely analyzing all the aspects of the environment because they are trying to find all about the Easter Eggs included in the trailer. For example at the end of the trailer the Hog Rider is blown into the clouds, and if you pay close attention, one of the clouds is shaped as a hog’s head.

Another Clash of Clans community member found out that when the 360 degree trailer starts a piano playing skeleton can be seen if you look to the right of the screen, or if you look down at the pig the message “look up, this is grass” will be engraved on the ground.

Regarding the full changes the December update will bring, we know that players will be able to start repairing shipwrecks at Town Hall 4 and as a reward they will receive 50,000 gold. Another cool feature brought by the December patch is that if the player decides to purchase the barbarian king statue he will also receive the red barbarian king and red barbarian archer queen.

The addition of VR content is a slap to the face to everyone who said that Clash of Clans is just a simple and repetitive game. This proves that Supercell is on top of their game and that they will keep on releasing new and interesting features to keep the game fun and entertaining.

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