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Samsung is not the fastest to take action when it comes to newly rolled out Android versions. We can use Android 6.0 as a clear example of the company taking months to roll out the update to users. Marshmallow, as what the sixth edition of Android’s mobile operating system is called, was released in September 2015. The Note 5 got upgraded around March of 2016. So there’s a five-month wait time before it gets rolled out.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 was packaged with Lollipop but can be upgraded to Marshmallow. On the other hand, J5 (2016) was already packaged with Android 6.0.1. The fact that these devices are running on Android 6.0 gives them a slight chance of getting a Nougat update. But there has been no official word from Samsung – at best, not yet. However, the company did offer a Nougat beta test program for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users.

Given that fact, it’s safe to assume that Nougat will clearly be rolled out to S7 and S7 Edge devices. But how about the J5 and the J5 (2016)? Is there a chance at all?

We can speculate at this point, but that’s all it would be unless Samsung says otherwise. Hardware is an issue when it comes to upgrades and being new devices, the S7 and S7 Edge obviously sport highly capable processors. Both the S7 and S7 Edge are equipped with either the Snapdragon 820 or the Exynos 8890 depending on what market they are released in.

Being mid-range phones, the J5 and J5 (2016) sport lower chipsets: both have the Snapdragion 410 chipsets. The good news is that there is a petition to roll out Nougat to the J5 but we still have to wait if action will indeed be taken. Or, we can just wait until Samsung makes a decision.