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Microsoft was rumored to unveil the X86 emulation to ARM processors since back in January 2016. The x86 emulation is focused towards smartphones, desktops and also tablets. Reports are showing that the new grand capability will arrive to Windows 10 powered devices but not before “Redstone 3” is launched, and that will happen in the first quarter of 2017. What this x86 ARM64 emulations means is that gadgets which use Windows 10 Mobile OS and are ARM based will receive a huge boost in supported applications. For example Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL is an ARM based device and it will benefit from the new supported applications.

Using the x86 emulation, owners of ARM based Windows smartphones could install the same applications they are using on their Windows 10 PC or notebooks. This could come in quite handy because users can choose to download the best apps from both platforms and download them onto their ARM based smartphone.

One interesting fact is that the code name for the emulation is Cobalt, and Cobalt is also the name of one of Minecraft’s developers. If you didn’t know by now, Mojang the company which develops Minecraft is owned by Microsoft.

Owners of HP’s Elite X3 should be glad to hear that the new x86 emulation upgrade will also come to their devices. The HP Elite X3 runs on the Windows 10 Mobile OS and users usually have to use a third party remote desktop or virtual machine like “Citrix”, but with the new emulation upgrade they won’t have to go through all the hassle since their devices will start supporting a whole bunch of new apps.

The new CHPE is expected to be launched in the fall of 2017 when the Microsoft Surface Phone will also be released. Now you can imagine what you will be able to do if you combine Microsoft’s Continuum with the new apps you will be to download.

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