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Android Nougat was rolled out in August 2016. Nexus obviously got a taste of the new mobile operating system and Motorola shortly followed. How about the latest Galaxy series of Samsung? Well, we can say that both the S7 and the S7 Edge will be getting the update – it’s just a matter of when.

Android 7.0 was originally intended for the Note 7 but a series of mishaps – specifically exploding devices – led Samsung to cancel one of their newest creations. While there are reports of S7 and S7 Edge’s exploding, they haven’t reached the heights attained by the Note 7.

Now that Note 7 is officially dead, Nougat will naturally be passed to the two other newest members of Samsung’s line of high-end smartphones. Samsung confirmed this by allowing those two devices to carry out tests of the Nougat operating system.

Yes, users of S7 and S7 Edge who want to give Nougat a go can sign up with the beta test program being carried out by Samsung. Doing this program allows the company to assess any faults with the new platform as well as improve on certain things through feedback given by beta testers.

The only question is when would this beta test program end and when will the rolling out begin? Samsung is notoriously slow when it comes to releasing Android updates, and it’s safe to assume that would be the case here as well. Nougat was released in August and the beta test was announced in November.

But using the release of Marshmallow and its official roll out by Samsung, there’s an estimated five month wait before Nougat starts rolling out to S7 and S7 Edge. While it’s difficult for every device to get Nougat, users of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge can rejoice that an update is coming – it’s just a matter of when.