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Recently, Microsoft released version 1.12 of their Skype client for Linux users. However, the company is keeping the product in alpha development stage. This simply means that Skype will work on platforms running on the Linux operating system, but there’s a good chance users will run into performance issues.

The alpha stage of products aren’t really stable releases. But Skype is such a powerful tool to have not just for home users but also for those working in offices. Since many workplaces use Linux as their operating system of choice, it would be nice for them to have communication software that allows them to not only communicate better but to also save on costs. This is what Skype provides.

There are three major features for Skype 1.12, and these include:

  • an improved authentication process
  • hostless group calling
  • bug fixes and performance enhancements

Based on the list above, one of the biggest features included is hostless group calling. With this feature, those who are part of a group chat can continue conversing even after the group’s host has left.

Video calling is also an update that is being rolled out but only works if both users are using Skype 1.12 or Skype for Web on Chrome (Linux or Chromebook).

The development of Skype on Linux has been slow but Skype is doing their best. In fact, rather than wait for a beta release, they’ve opted to share an alpha version with Linux users. This way, users can be involved in the testing of the Skype client and as such, can give suggestions on what can be done to improve it as well as report on any issues.

Skype is one of many communications applications used in the workplace and even at home. Despite the slow pace of development on the Linux platform, users can delight in the fact that it is available for use.