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There is a lot of discussions going on about what web browser is the best. There are many factors that play into the discussion. But, when it comes to Android device browsers, hands down the honor goes to Google and its Google Chrome browser.  How so? The company makes sure its browser stays stable, functional and performs at its optimal best in its operating system.

Chrome excels at nearly everything – speed, performance, security and privacy – and it’s why people choose it for their web browsing experience.

4 Features In the 54.0.2840.68 Version Of Chrome

  • Cross-platform sync aspect so that you can switch from PC, tablet and phone and go back to where you were before – same options and tabs on all platforms.
  • Save Data option lets you reduce the mobile data usage (better for your pocketbook).
  • Easy to maneuver and access so that you can check out previously viewed web pages and tabs. It offers real-time search results, while you’re searching for something.
  • Voice search functionality so that you can search for something via the browser even when you can’t use your hands to look for something.

Each of these above features and a plethora of others can be seen in the Google Chrome browser, and you can download that browser for free using the Google Play Store.