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Mojang has been releasing new updates to Minecraft’s Java, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 versions regularly and the console versions of Minecraft seemed like they were forgotten, but not any more since Mojang has just unveiled a bunch of new updates that will be made available for the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Minecraft in December 2016.

The update is nicknamed as the “Holiday Update” because it will be rolled out coming late December and it will include Elytra, which is a glider that will give players the ability to fly and the Amplified Terrain feature which previously was only a Java version exclusive.

The upcoming December update will change up the game because it will include new status effects, new mobs, items and user interface tweaks. The new status effects will allow for the player to create a Lingering Potion that can be left somewhere on the ground for a friend or enemy. Also The End includes the new flying cape Elytra alongside End Ships, End Cities, Purpur blocks and Chorus Plants.

This update is considered to be the biggest one Minecraft will receive this year and the console version of Minecraft will finally be at the same level the PC version is. Microsoft also announced that they will bring the same update in the upcoming future to the Pocket Edition and to the Java version as well.

Another interesting statement made by Microsoft is that this update will “completely redesign the End dimension” for the console version of Minecraft. Maybe Microsoft will add new features that they are holding back so they will come as a surprise like the addition of Perchance shields or the complete Combat Update that the Java edition that was received back in February. We can’t know for sure what they meant by that, we just have to wait for December to come and we will find out.