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There’s so many security updates being issued for Flash 23 that it’s easy to forget there’s a new Flash update coming. Although Flash 24 has already been announced and is even available for beta, there hasn’t been an official release date just yet.

On November 11, Adobe rolled out a beta release of Flash Player 24, which is nicknamed VanNess. Beta releases are ways for companies to determine potential issues and address them so they can release a stable program. Users are encouraged to try the beta versions so they can give feedback on any problems as well as offer suggestions aimed to improve the product.

Flash Player 24 includes several fixes as well as new features. With this release, Adobe aims to deliver a rich experience to customers who use a variety of platforms. Yes, HTML5 may sit on the throne that Flash used to occupy but Adobe’s product is still alive and kicking. And as this upcoming release shows, Adobe is still thinking of ways to improve Flash.

Both users and developers can expect to see many changes with Flash 24, and these include:

  • Support for Apple TV
  • Support for Apple TV Siri Remote
  • Estimate strength of swipe through reading of Swipe velocity
  • Request permissions from different classes on iOS and Android such as Camera, CameraRoll, Geolocation, Microphone and FileReference
  • Support for custom fonts for StageText

Right now, Flash 24 beta is a playground where any issues and suggestions made will be taken into account and may find its way into the final stable release. It’s an exciting time for the Flash Player despite the issues that Flash Player 23 is facing. Here’s to hoping Flash Player 24 will be a much better and more secure product after allowing it to be beta tested by the public.