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Apple claims their operating system excels in security and stability. However, there are massive numbers of users that have chosen to defy the developer jailbreak their phones, meaning that they have opened up new permissions, allowing them to install software that helps with customization and functionality. Without jailbreaking the iDevice, you can’t install these features.

Pangu is a well known group, recognized for their iOS Jailbreak software. The community has grown to expect a new release from Pangu every time Apple comes out with a new version of iOS. The tech developer is aware of this and is desperately trying to shake Pangu out of its rearview mirror. This time around with iOS 10, it would have seemed that Apple was in the clear, as many fans were upset about Pangu’s complete silence and lack of a new Jailbreak firmware. However, Pangu recently made it known that the jailbroken version of iOS 10 is done and will soon start shipping out.

It looks like the group will be preparing to launch the iOS 10 Jailbreak variant as soon as Apple wraps up and starts shipping out iOS 10.2. Apple was hoping to stay ahead by releasing frequent updates and thus hinder Pangu’s resilience, but it didn’t work out too well for them.

Pangu also suggested that the Jailbreak for iOS 10.2 is underway as well, with a few bugs and tweaks still needing to be taken care of. These are great news for those who wish to jailbreak their handsets or update their Jailbreak firmware, but not very good news for Apple, which now has to figure out a solution, in preparation for the launch of the upcoming updates to iOS.

Those interested in Pangu’s iOS 10 Jailbreak should be able to get more updates on the situation soon, as well as some palpable release dates.