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Google just released a new update that focuses directly on their Play Store app, changing the “Top Charts” list. The major change brought to the app chart is that it uses a different ranking system now and it also removes the space between cards. Google’s Play Store received a new filter that can be found on the top side of the app and it’s called “Show installed apps”, if you choose to flick it off you will only see the apps that you don’t have, making it easier to search for new and exciting apps. Don’t worry if the Play Store update didn’t arrive to your device because it was rolled out only for Android beta testers, but this means the public will see the update coming their way soon enough.

It’s a known fact that Google is trying to improve the quality of service the Play Store brings, they even stated officially that they are looking to introduce new features to the app such as artificial intelligence and new support for different payment platforms. Google recently rolled out Netbanking support for the residents of India, reports show that Google partnered up with over 30 banks so that Netbanking payment is supported in India. This is a great feature to have since it makes the purchase of movies, songs, apps a lot easier.

Even though this update was focused towards Google’s Play Store, the Play Music app has been recently updated as well. Play Music uses a learning machine and contextual tools to learn what kind of music you like listening to in order to give you music suggestions. Another cool feature implemented by Google to Play Music is the ability to receive music suggestion based on your region, weather and activity, for example the app will know when you are running at it will play some upbeat music to help you run the extra mile.