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Back at E3, it was announced that Bethesda was working on a virtual reality mode for Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated releases of all time. Since the game was so popular and well received, the developers could think of no good reason for not bringing the experience in a VR format. It was revealed at E3 that it was in the developer’s plans to come out with Fallout VR, and there was even a demo showcased. The demo only dabbled with the game’s Red Rocket area, but Todd Howard, which acts as game director at Bethesda has mentioned that they want the VR mode to encapsulate the entire Fallout 4 experience.

For those that haven’t played Fallout 4 yet, the game’s explorable landscape is pretty huge.  This means that once emerged in the Fallout 4 world, players who wish to tackle the adventure form a first person perspective will have a lot of walking to do, although it was mentioned that the teleportation features from the first game will be incorporated as well.

One of the concerns raised was the fact that currently, VR doesn’t have great market coverage, and the technology needed to support a virtual reality Fallout experience is only placed in a limited number of consumer households. The main point of this is that Fallout VR might not be very profitable or successful due to VR not being as mainstream as developers would like, despite its continuously growing popularity.

The Same Todd Howard answered by saying Bethesda is looking to take advantage of the opportunity and create an amazing experience for the Fallout players. High profit in the aftermath of this project isn’t something Bethesda is focusing on, according to their officials.