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The Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) is less than three years old. Naturally, we would have to wait a couple more years before the arrival of a PlayStation 5 (PS5). However, rules are meant to be broken.

Video game makers seem to have taken the route of smartphone manufacturers: releasing a successor two to three years after the release of its predecessor. The release of the PS4 Pro this November made it seem this way, and even Microsoft seems to have the same idea with its Project Scorpio coming in 2017. Sony even started things up earlier with the release of the PS4 Slim in September.

So should you still wait for the PS5 or just go ahead and buy the variation of PS4 that suits you best? To come to that conclusion, let’s take a look at what a future PS5 has in store.

It might be disc-less

A lot of experts in the tech industry have been calling for the demise of the disc, but even in the age of cloud storage, the disc is still very much alive. The reasons for holding on to the disc seem fair: internet speeds need to improve. It’s not a secret that games have become so much larger in size these days, and gamers need super-fast speeds in order to download the game to their console. Given the still many unresolved issues when it comes to going disc-less, it’s possible that a PS5 might still be using one – but a better one.

It might have a cloud-based option

If Sony goes more reliant on the cloud, the existence of consoles will be threatened – just look at what happened to the film and music industry. Yes, there are still physical records available, but more and more people are turning to streaming services these days – Spotify for music; Netflix, Hulu and Amazon for film and TV.

The cloud may be a solution for older games in Sony’s part. This means gamers no longer need to hold on to older PlayStation versions just so they can still enjoy the older catalogue of games.

It might support virtual reality

The PlayStation VR already exists and is compatible with the PS4 Pro – this is its advantage over the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which need powerful PCs for a good experience. While current releases support compatibility, a PS5 might be a console built to support VR.


The PS5 that is being dreamt of sounds fun but it should also be noted they are still rumors. These rumors about the PS5 even include possible games that can be played on it. But until those rumors are confirmed and a release date is set, you will be stuck choosing either the PS4 or the newer PS4 Slim, or you might even find yourself going for the PS4 Pro. At this point, frequent console updates seem to be the case. Then again, technology will continue to improve and Sony will surely take advantage of that.