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There are more than one billion active users on WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging app that can be found on various platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone, etc.

Many people have questioned the WhatsApp developers when they would release a desktop WhatsApp version. When it happened, people were less than thrilled. Why? It was similar to the WhatsApp Web feature, allowing people to connect their account through a browser on the computer. In order for it to be used, the mobile device has to be connected to the Internet – a gateway between your computer and the WhatsApp servers.

The difference between them is that there’s no reason to open a browser on your computer to connect the WhatsApp account through the WhatsApp Desktop app.

It appears developers see some changes must be made to the desktop application, so it’s different from the WhatsApp Web. And, these changes come in the form of the 0.2.2234 WhatsApp Desktop version and include:

  • Option to look through shared images
  • Button to pick and share animated gifs
  • UI improvements
  • Search function in chat
  • New emojis

The hope is that developers will make a WhatsApp desktop version that’s not going to need an Internet-connected smartphone.  If this happens, it means no more wasted battery to sit at the computer and talk with friends.

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