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For the last two decades, Pokemon has been a constant delight for people of all ages and generations. Its long lasting nature has permitted children to grow up and have kids of their own, enjoying Pokemon together. Although the vast majority of people know of, or have at least heard of Pokemon, there might be some people that don’t know what it is. If you’re a parent yourself, you probably have heard your child and his friends talk about Pokemon.  Pokemon is about finding and catching all kinds of cool creatures which then you use to duel other Pokemon trainers.

The franchise has extended over all media types since its release and growth in worldwide popularity, so you have the Pokemon animated series, which is the core, and then you have the games, the merchandise, the clothing, and all the other Pokemon themed stuff. The games probably play the largest role in this whole story, alongside the TV show.

The games are played on Nintendo consoles and the latest ones, available for the Nintendo 3DS, have just come out recently. Before we get into that, let’s take a look over what’s going on in the Pokemon games. All games have more or less the same idea, but they all come with different stories and characters, and of course, different creatures. Each game has you progressing by challenging superior trainers and becoming the best in every region. Eventually, you rise to become the champion, beating some bad guys in the process.

In duels, you battle against another trainer, each with a set number of creatures available, which all have their own unique abilities (also a set number). The first one to make their opponent’s creatures to faint wins the duel. There are a lot of elements that complement the experience such as finding rare Pokemon, evolving your creatures into stronger ones with new abilities, or even trading Pokemon. All these features are available both offline, in a single player experience, or online, where you can interact with other players and duel or trade.