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What sets Viber apart from other apps is the amount of technical support it receives. The app is filled with unique features, even being the first app to replace traditional phone calls by using internet bandwidth to make calls. In order to keep their user base growing, the developers at Viber have just released a new update that adds businesses and celebrities to Viber by adding public accounts. Restaurants, coffee shops and retailers can now introduce their brands in the app the same way Facebook allows them to.

The new public account feature gives brands the option to promote their deals. Viber users will now have an icon on which they can tap and different brands will pop up, like fast foods or amusement parks. This type of customer service makes restaurant reservation a lot more appealing rather than calling and waiting on hold until someone picks up the phone.

Pubic personalities will also be able to create accounts the same way they do on Twitter and Facebook, and people will be given the option to follow or subscribe to them. If a Viber user chooses to follow a public account his news feed will receive updates regarding the public account, or if he subscribes to the public account he will receive direct messages.

This new feature will surely give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money, while Viber’s active user base grows at the same time. This is great news for us social media consumers, because as the market gets more competitive, social media apps will be required to release new features and we are the only ones who will benefit from this. Viber users should keep in mind that they need to have the 6.5 or above versions of Viber so that the Public icon is available for them.