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When the Microsoft Surface Book was launched, consumers were treated to the first full-fledged laptop from the computer giant that transforms into a tablet when lifted off from the base. This model was fast and had a touchscreen feature. After a year, there are talks that a better version is going to be available soon, the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

However, another rumor surfaced that the release will not be until the latter part of 2017, which can be quite disappointing for people expecting the latest flagship of the Surface Book line to be in the market in the coming months.

While it is said that the design will remain the same, the delay in the release of the Surface Book 2 will be an improved version, with a different physical design and will be come with a longer battery life that can last for 16 hours.

Aside from the tweaks done with the design, another reason seen for the development of events is the launch of the Microsoft Surface i7. On top of these, consumers will be expecting cool features from the new device.

Currently powered by Intel Core i7, the 2-in-1 hybrid successor will be based on 14-nanometer technology which ensures double performance from the core i7 or the Kaby Lake. This promises faster response and performance with 12% increase as opposed to the previous Skylake. Moreover, another fan will be provided for the GeForce GTX video output.

As for the physical improvements, the fulcrum hinge that the previous model was designed with and unfortunately received criticisms will no longer be included. There will also be the 13.5 inch PixelSense display, USB 3.0 ports that can accommodate 2 USBs, mini display port, SD card reader and a headphone jack.

The screen offers 4K resolution and the user will find no problems with 4K video playback and 3D graphics. With the use of Kaby Lake, this model will now have Thunderbolt 3 support which offers the fastest connection to any display, peripheral device and dock as well as a USB 3.1Type-C support that is perfect for faster data transfer and charging of batteries.

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