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When it comes to mobile phones, Samsung has become one of the most popular names in the industry despite the impact of the Galaxy Note 7 recall Google is also making a name with its latest flagship, the Pixel phones. If Samsung S7 Edge and Google Pixel XL will go head-to-head, which of the two will emerge the winner?

Looks and Design

If you are an iPhone user, you will definitely notice its similarity to the Google Pixel XL or it’s the other way around since iPhone has had this look for years now and the Pixel phone is just new in the arena. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, on the other hand, has an elegant look in its black color with a blue trimming.

While both devices apparently have somewhat similar materials used, there are no similarities whatsoever with the end-product appearance and feel. The Galaxy S7 Edge still maintains the metal and glass build of the previous smartphones from the flagship and the design is not loud but it is noticeable. It boasts of a metal frame and a curved glass on both sides. While comfortable on the hand, the metal and glass materials can make gripping or holding the phone a bit slippery. As for size, it is a bit smaller and narrower than its counterpart, thus making the S7 Edge very distinct from the Pixel XL in terms of handling and grip. But if there is one design feature that makes this model a winner, it has IP68 water resistance that it can be dropped it in water and not get damaged.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel XL looks like the iPhone 6 without the round button in the lower part of the screen. It has a seemingly all metal body but with a glass window at the back. Compared to the Nexus phones, the Pixel has an empty bottom chin while it has an industrial design and a dual tone back panel.


For the display, both phones have 5.5 AMOLED displays with Samsung having the Super AMOLED and the two have quad resolutions. In this aspect, the two models offer vibrant and sharp images, great for playing games, surfing the internet and watching videos. This type of display allows for high contrast ratios and excellent viewing angles. Moreover, the screen for the Pixel XL is flat while it is curved for the S7 Edge. In terms of display features, the latter has an Always On feature where time, notifications and calendar are visible, a feature the former lacks.

For the processor, the phone from Google is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 4GB RAM and Adreno 530 GPU while the one from Samsung has Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with the same GPU and RAM as the former. Both come with great graphics and gameplay supported by Vulkan. Both have fingerprint scanners but the location of the button for the Pixel XL is at the back while for the S7 Edge, it can be found in front. As for memory storage, the Samsung phone is better for its expandability.

With the comparison made between the two smartphones, both are winners in their own right. While the S7 Edge has wireless charging, the Pixel XL is considered the new HTC Marlin. While both have its advantages and disadvantages, the choice depends on your personal preference.