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It’s always a bit daunting to see a company like Nokia, that’s holding such a firm grip on the mobile phone industry at one point, decay in relevance to a point where the market continues to evolve while ignoring its presence completely. Once head of the dinner table, Nokia now is trying to find a seat somewhere at the end, so they can snatch a piece of the metaphorical smartphone business pie.

Chances of this happening are growing as an important detail about Nokia’s plans has been uncovered. Before we get into that, it is worth noting that leaks of new Nokia smartphones have already hit the internet, but the community is largely in agreement that what they have seen represents prototype versions and not actual complete devices which can be sold to a general public.

Now, back to the matter at hand. HMD Global, the entity that owns the rights to sell Nokia smartphones, have announced their presence at the 2017 MWC ( Mobile World Congress). This could potentially mean that there are indeed new Nokia smartphones in the making, being the most plausible reason for which the company would be present at such an event.

There are talks about Nokia preparing a mid class smartphone which would be accessible to those who cannot afford to buy a new Samsung flagship device, for example. This theory is built on Nokia’s alleged newly found philosophy of building devices with cheaper components but preserving the performance level, thus making specs irrelevant. If this turns out to be true, and also a successful endeavor for Nokia, it could mean the return of one of the mobile phone industry’s founding fathers.

Eagerly awaiting fans must keep their excitement in check for a while longer, however, as the 2017 MWC is only in February.

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