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WhatsApp Messenger is still one of the most popular messaging app used by over one billion users in different parts of the world, such as, Europe, South America, Africa and India. Released in 2009, this mobile messaging platform paved the way to other instant messenger apps and made it possible for people to chat from different parts of the world in an affordable way.

WhatsApp became successful that it was acquired by social network giant Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion dollars. Available in multiple platforms, this messaging app allows users to chat, send images as well as audio files. In the recent update, video calling is also made available for Android and iOS users who will sign up for the beta version.

Aside from being downloadable to iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Android phones, it is also available for free download to S40 Nokia phones which include the Asha series. While it is still true that support for Blackberry and Asha phones will not be available by the end of the year, there are still many Asha phone users especially in countries where not all people can afford high-end phones. That said, it is not too late to enjoy the features of WhatsApp on phones that will not be supported in less than two months.

Along with Symbian phones, S40 and Blackberry phones, Android phones with 2.1 and 2.2 OS versions will also not be supported by then. As early as the first quarter of the 2016, announcements have already been made and users are reminded of the plans to discontinue support.

While WhatsApp supports Nokia Asha series, users are advised to upgrade to a newer Android phone, iOS and Windows phone soon if they want to enjoy the popular instant messenger app as well as its latest updates. If this is not possible, there are other messaging apps available that still support older smartphones .