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It has already been made clear that fans of the Surface line of products from Microsoft can enjoy two new devices in early 2017, namely the Surface Pro 5. The Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio were announced back in late October, when a Windows 10 even took place. As the company’s Surface line-up continues to grow, it seems that we might even see it branch out into the mobile device market.

Sources speculate that Microsoft is prepping up a smartphone which will run under the Surface brand. It will allegedly be called the Surface Phone, and will arrive next year, during the month of February. The date picked for the release of the Surface Phone made fans wonder if Microsoft will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2017, which will take place in February 2017 as well.  This would a good opportunity for Microsoft to announce its new Surface devices, including the speculated Surface Phone.

According to Dr Windows, which is known as a reliable website in terms of procuring Microsoft Windows related information, the Surface Phone is a project that Microsoft started in collaboration with HP. The handset is also presumed to operate using Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS, keeping the entire design in-house. The website also mentioned that the new Surface Phone won’t just be a new addition to the Microsoft device family, but in fact replace, and function as a rebranding of the Lumia line, which has gone through some drastic changes in the past. With the Lumia line struggling to find its way in the market, this rebranding and more than likely upgrade, could possibly be the saving grace for Microsoft’s smartphone business.

As an official statement from Microsoft regarding the smartphone is not available at the moment, fans can only continue to speculate as they wait for 2017 and an official announcement.

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