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The iPhone 6S may be one of the best smartphones, but it has its own problems, as some owners have complained about the unexpected shutdowns. It seems that a small number of phones that were manufactured between September – October 2015, and which have a limited serial number range have a battery issue. Apple was informed about it and promised to replace the battery for free.

Some owners of the iPhone 6 and 6S have reported that their smartphones were automatically shutting off and the China Consumers Association has asked Apple to investigate this problem. It seems that the devices were shutting down when the batteries dropped to 50-60 percent, but it’s not clear how many phones have been affected by this issue.

The battery replacement program for the iPhone 6S is free for eligible devices, but we can’t say the same thing about the iPhone 6 Plus devices that have been affected by the display flickering or multitouch issues, and which will be repaired for $149. The “touch disease” was discovered in August by repair guide website iFixit, and users who rushed to get their devices fixed were offered a refund on the difference.

When Apple has announced the battery replacement program, it said that the owners of the iPhone 6S phones with a cracked screen must fix it first, then to contact Apple retail stores to replace the battery. “In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair,” Apple said, adding that if users already paid to replace the battery on the iPhone 6S phones, they must contact the company for a refund

In addition, before replacing the battery on the iPhone 6S, users must back up their data to iTunes or iCloud and delete files from the device, in order to avoid data leaks. Also, the “Find My iPhone” facility must be turned off in preparation for the battery change.