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Apple was expected to launch a new iPad this year that was supposed to be the successor of the iPad Air 2 but instead of launching a new iPad Air, Apple released the 12.9 inch iPad Pro version. iPad Air fans should not lose hope since rumors surrounding Apple are pointing out that Apple is working on releasing a new iPad Air 3 in 2017.

Regarding the release date for the new iPad, reports are showing that Apple will release the tablet during the first quarter of 2017, ideally in March. The new Apple device will have a sleeker look and a better feel because it will be thinner.

The iPad Air will take a different route and it’s going to be available in more colors, rather than just one. The device will implement some of the feature iPhone 7 is using, especially its camera features like the dual lens camera. The tablet will sport a new Apple Pencil, that will surely give the tablet an edge over its competitors and a HD 4K screen display that’s equipped with 3D Touch technology.

Rumor has it that the next iPad Air tablet will actually be the last one in its line, since the last iPad Air didn’t do so well on the market. Tablet customers opted instead for smartphone like tablets, and the huge price of iPad Air didn’t help at all.

Tech experts are speculating that the new iPad Air 3 will be a smaller 9.7 inch version of the iPad Pro, but it will come with better hardware instead like an A9 processer paired with 3GB of RAM. We can’t be sure of this since Apple has yet to confirm anything yet.

In terms of storage space, the tablet is likely to be available in the 16GB and the 32GB one. The price of the device will be based on the storage space you choose, but the stock price will be around $610.

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