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Huawei recently said that their Mate 9 will run on the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, and now they announced that owners of Huawei Mate 8 can also install the new OS update on their device. The update can already be found on Huawei’s server, even if it hasn’t yet been officially released. The reason why it wasn’t already officially released is because Huawei is waiting for their Mate 9 to be launched in all regions of the world.

Because the Nougat update has not been officially launched users can’t get it with OTA (over the air), but they can download and install it themselves. The process can get quite tricky and because of that we are going talk about how to do that.

Updating to Android 7.0 Nougat

The first thing you have to do to in order to install the new OS is to download the Nougat files from Huawei’s official website and copy them to the microSD card of the intended device. After downloading those files you can go ahead and download the stock firmware and extract it using Now all you have to do is download the and just unlock bootloader mode. If you haven’t created a bootloader code before, you can do generate one by registering on the Huawei ID.

After generating a bootloader code and unlocking bootloader/TWRP/ROOT you can go ahead and change the ”build.prop parameter” to “ (SRKTOOL Huawei)”, now you will have to set the oeminfo to “AL10 (SRKTOOL Huawei) and download “AL10C00B386”.

Unlock the bootloader/TWRP and install TWRP. When TWRP installing process is finished choose Wipe-format-type Yes and then pick the Home option and install the .zip files. Now that “” has been installed you can finally Reboot System. If the error “No OS installed” pop up, don’t worry because it’s just a bug.

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