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Considering the success Grand Theft Auto 5 had, Rockstar Games will surely release a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise soon enough. Seeing that the game producers are still releasing new updates every new month for GTA 5 we can know for sure that they are keeping their attention focused on the game, even if Rockstar Games is launching Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2017.

Release Date

The new GTA game is expected to be released at the same time Sony and Microsoft release their new next-gen gaming consoles, giving GTA the option to bring in new features and better graphics. Rumors are pointing out that Rockstar also wants to introduce VR content in the game, since VR headsets are all the rage right now and there aren’t that many VR games out on the market. The game is supposedly going to hit markets during 2018 or 2020, depending on when Sony and Microsoft decide to release their new consoles.


One of the most important factor in the GTA series is the maps they use. The game always had impressive and memorable locations but all of them were located in the U.S., GTA 5’s map even being an almost identical replica of Los Angeles.

The game developers stated in an interview that they are looking to use a foreign country as a map. Reports are showing that Rockstar is looking into Japan’s Tokyo and England’s London. These seem like great places since they fit the crime theme of GTA.


The new installment is going to switch up the game by adding a female protagonist, which will be a first for the game. Rockstar even received some flak for their lack of important female characters, and rumors are pointing out that the new character will be voiced by none other than Holywood star Eva Mendes herself.

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