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The GTA 5 Online Biker DLC that has been released back in October 2016 was great, because it brought new content for the multiplayer mode of the game, as well as new ways to make money and rides that all players can enjoy.

Well, it seems that the “final” piece of this content is about to be released soon, as according to reports, the Biker DLC part 2 is already in the works. Tomorrow (November 22, 2016) Rockstar will release the “Youga Classic”, whose design is based on the real-life Ford Econoline series.

According to “dataminers”, the Biker DLC will most likely be released sometime in December 2016. This new DLC will also come with the usual holiday gear, but it will also feature content that has been teased in the past by Rockstar.

The “dataminers” have found a new car selling feature in the game’s code, which is expected to be “activated” soon. This new feature might be activated along with the “Kill Quota Adversary Mode”, but Rockstar could also plan to release sometime in early 2017.

Some old rumors were suggesting that Rockstar plans to end the support for Grand Theft Auto 5 sometime in the spring of 2017, but it seems that a new report is suggesting that the company will keep supporting the game for a few more years.

GTA 5: A New Single Player Story Might Come

It seems that Rockstar might finally bring a new DLC for the single player mode of the GTA 5 game. There are reports which say that about 60-70% of the upcoming DLC is done, with completed voice over and tech animations. Unfortunately, the developing company didn’t confirm this yet, but a GTA 5: Single Player Story DLC will surely bring many players back.

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