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With version 10.0 of Google Play, it has been discovered that Google was actually hosting some string names related to new features that might be arriving for Google customers soon. Even though it’s bound to happen sooner or later anyway, based on the new discoveries it looks like being able to pay with your watch might happen sooner rather than later.

This is all due to new string names found within Google Play 10.0 files. The year might be preparing for a wrap, but that doesn’t mean Google is anywhere close of packing up, as it seems like Android developers could push some of these new features for a late 2016 release.

The first feature we’ll be looking at is called Instant Apps. While this is not quite new, since Google already talked about this feature at their I/O event, it’s still something that fans didn’t get to enjoy yet, and are awaiting the opportunity to do so. Instant Apps is a feature that will allow people to use applications without actually downloading and installing them on their devices. It has been found in the Google Play Services update files that Google might have proceeded to a superior testing phase with Instant Apps, giving beta testers the required permissions to test out the feature.

The other strings found in the files referenced Android Wear, Google’s upcoming smartwatch. Being able to pay through your mobile phone was a feature that the customer base received well, and many are now asking that it becomes available for wrist devices also. The string names made reference to different functionality aspects of the whole paying with your watch concept, such as prompting to turn on the watch at different moments during the process and so on.

This could be Google’s shot of having the first smartwatch on the market capable of handling payments, putting Google once again a step ahead of its competitors, with yet another innovative achievement under its belt.